Crestview Area Shelter for the Homeless (CASH)

Impact Village Opportunity Zone

C.A.S.H. is expanding with our Impact Village Opportunity Zone (IV-OZ). This is a Tiny Home Community with an Educational focus. Our vision of providing safe affordable homes with specific components-OPPORTUNITY & EDUCATION. Homelessness is perpetuated by unhealthy living conditions, lack of affordable housing & inadequate knowledge base. Our objectives are 4 part: Evaluate, Educate, Mentor & House. With your help, our community will have leadership, and education center and added housing units. Together we will eradicate negative multi-generational cycles and foster an environment of opportunity & self-sufficiency.

With a housing crisis, homelessness is increasing. Rapid Rehousing taught us gaps in rental assistance programs & changes needed. This program will give the tools, support & affordable housing disadvantaged need to transform their lives. Together we will shatter the image of homelessness & break ground on a new income-based housing/education model. We are a team for positive force for good!

CASH met the physical, emotional & spiritual needs of over 900 people in 2021. We have served over 800 in the 1st QTR 2022. We project we can teach 2000 in the next two years. Our target audience lives at/or below 50% of HUD Median Income level. This project is tiny but mighty with wide implications. We have 16 organizations signed on to support & educate any disadvantaged that signs up.

Hope, Opportunity & Impact are transforming pillars to our project. The anchor is our Sustainability. The rental income & community support will sustain the project. Enthusiasm is growing with additional donations of 8 units, a greenhouse, pole-barn & small unit for laundry facility. We are shattering the image of homelessness with our new income-based housing/education model.

**In early 2024, Crestview Area Shelter for the Homeless (C.A.S.H.), notified us in writing that they would be unable to use their grant. Through no fault of their own, C.A.S.H. had a separate external commitment fall through that ultimately rendered their project no longer viable.  Consequently, no funds were issued.