Fresh Start for Children and Families

Sell More = Help More ~ Fresh Start Takes Aim at More Capacity

Fresh Start is a housing/education program for families with children who are homeless. Our clients come from all walks of life, face many problems including abuse, divorce, generational poverty and more. We provide a furnished apartment, food pantry, weekly life skills classes, 1 on 1 budgeting, and goal meetings. Repeat Street is our thrift store. It provides the furnishings for our clients, and over 50% of our program funding. Our current truck/trailer combo used for donation pick up and deliveries to our apartments is 18 years old, in the shop often, and must be unloaded multiple times per day. This project is to purchase a box truck with lift, which would increase our capacity.

Our store is a revenue source covering over 50% of our bills, furnishes our apartments, w/2 employees & volunteers. It is well supported by donors, condos, business. A dependable truck would save money on repairs, increase funds with less trips to unload, less pickups missed & appear more professional. More capacity, more self-sufficiency = serve more & serve them more effectively. 

We are the only local agency that works to correct problems that led to homelessness by providing a home and educating our clients in areas they need. We receive no government funds. The families who graduate our program leave self-sufficient, with a savings, feeling pride many never knew. The Impact100 NWF truck will be highly visible, advertising both Impact100 NWF and Fresh Start in the area.

All parts of this project are already in place thus is sustainable. We will be making ourselves stronger, more self-sufficient, and more professional. Maintenance, insurance, gas and driver, all in operation. In fact, this truck will save us money, and be continue making an impact for us for the next 18 years if possible, like the one we are retiring.