Grant Review Committee

Grant Committee
The Grant Committee Chair oversees the Grant Process Committee, the Grant Review Committees and Area Review Committees, and Grant Liaisons efforts to encourage local nonprofits to submit grant applications; guide the grant application and review process; and recommend to the Board of Directors projects that are sustainable, transformational, impactful, and adhere to Impact100 NWF grant guidelines for the membership vote.

  • Grant Process Committee 
    The Grant Process Committee Chair is responsible for working with five Grant Process Coordinators to support the Grant Committee and Grant Review Chair with Training, Forms, Technology, Finance and Communications.
  • Grant Review Committee  Sign-up for an Area Review Committee below
    The Grant Review Committee Chair coordinates and assists the Area Review Chairs and their Committees in the review of their area grant applicants. There are five grant review committees. Members are responsible for review of grant applications and site visits with applicants. Each grant applicant organization is thoroughly reviewed by the committees. Each committee then makes recommendations of finalists to the Board of Directors. These committees meet mid-summer through September. Sign-up to participate on a 2023 Area Review Committee will be posted below in June. 
    You will receive an email reminding you to sign up for a grant review committee from mid-June through early July.
    • 2023 Area Review Committees are:
      Arts & Culture  
      Environment, Recreation & Preservation   
      Health & Wellness