Healing Paws for Warriors, Inc.

Save a Veteran, Rescue a Dog: Mobile Support

Improving lives of combat Veterans. 24 by 24; 24 new Veteran to Service Dog pairings by 2024. Vehicle ensures availability to/at outreach events; encountering at-risk Veterans. Successful means of reaching Veterans. Present in the community/providing personal interactions, education, awareness, and support. Each of these missed occurrences potentially equates to a lost opportunity in a veteran's life. Operational trailer is a mission-critical asset. HP4Ws are completely reliant upon the use of volunteers’ personal vehicles to tow. Without a dedicated tow vehicle, organizations response efficiency is negatively impacted; potentially leading to missed events &/or community outreach opportunities.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans are not coming to VA facilities to utilize health care services. The most prevalent cause for female members; is the perception of VA settings as unsafe/insensitive. HP4W’s outreach effort is impactful; as a Veteran lead organization, with volunteers/members possessing a common reference/understanding of military culture.

Impacts Veterans w/in 5 counties. 2d highest female Veteran population. 32K Veterans in the area-- 22.7% /Okaloosa County. Stats - PTSD: 12-30%, MST: 23% women, 55% women / 38% men experienced sexual harassment. Suicide: 22 daily. Project Measures: - # of Veterans contacted via Veteran Outreach - Total # of dogs saved via dog rescue effort - # of Veterans paired with a service dog; 2 lives saved.

Creation of an internal process to train/develop authorized volunteers and organizational members for in-vehicle use. Include instruction materials and practice sessions for trailer hook up and use of vehicle features to safely drive/tow. Determine the check-out process for reserving trucks for each event, and return policy (ex, recording miles, gas consumption, incidents).