OTHERS of Destin

OTHERS of Destin

The project will meet the needs for essential office space without which we cannot continue our mission. This project fulfills the need for:

Staff offices
Client intake and needs assessment rooms
Distribution center for essential items for clients
Educational classrooms
Meeting space for collaboration with our community partners

Summary of Funds:
Purchase of one mobile modular office building. This unit will include four offices, two restrooms, a waiting area and classroom space. Other costs covered include: cutting and patching the asphalt drive for sewer and water, concrete footings and block piers for one office; dumpster and portalet; equipment to pump concrete and excavate a plumbing trench; and building permits and power.

Transformation and High Impact:
The mission of OTHERS is to impact the lives of those experiencing hardship by conducting needs assessments, providing financial assistance and facilitating holistic support through resources and referrals, with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. By standing in the gap for those experiencing job loss, medical hardship, domestic violence, single parenting, poverty and homelessness, our services produce life-changing effects. We advocate for our clients, reducing harm both individually and collectively, which impacts the community at large. We also strive, through education and awareness, to involve community members to be part of the solution. This combination of providing education, raising awareness, and involving the community as a whole produces transformational effects for our clients.

With the funding for this project, OTHERS will meet the needs of the underserved in the community and expand our services to impact more lives.

Dear Members of IMPACT 100 of Northwest Florida,

Thanks to IMPACT 100, Robert and his new wife Susan will have the opportunity to take a financial literacy workshop offered in the future classroom of OTHERS of Destin. You see, Robert and Susan were experiencing homelessness until a week ago when they were offered housing through the OTHERS Re-Housing Program and because of the IMPACT Grant Award, OTHERS will be able to offer a variety of classes, including but not limited to, financial literacy, life skills and technology.

Thanks to IMPACT 100 NWF, Tracy and her four children will not be evicted. You see, Tracy was recently laid off after working for a company for three years. Tracy could hardly make ends meet when she was working full time and she does not have any discretionary funds available. Because of IMPACT 100 NWF, OTHERS will be able to add additional staff members which will significantly reduce the waiting time for interviews.

Thanks to IMPACT 100 NWF, many people in our community have been introduced to OTHERS of Destin and we have seen an increase in the number of inquiries for information regarding our volunteer program as well as financial support.

These are just a few of the impacts that our organization and our clients will experience due to the generosity of the IMPACT 100 NWF members. The ripple effect of this generous gift is truly immeasurable.

Your gift of $102,000.00 will provide OTHERS with a mobile modular office building, furniture and fixtures and equipment. We welcome the opportunity to increase the number of clients we serve in an environment that values and respects every individual and family.


Dick Christensen, Board Chairman OTHERS of Destin