Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
New Clinic Medical Equipment

Our goal is to reopen the only low-cost animal clinic in the Okaloosa/Walton counties; provide diagnostics and surgery for injured animals and reduce the unwanted/unhealthy animal populations. To do this we need equipment. Your investment will quickly restore on-site medical access for abused/abandoned shelter animals (7k+ annually) and serve the public need for locally accessible and affordable vet care. We will reduce pet populations (domestic and feral) through more than 30k annual spay/neuter surgeries. Reopening our clinic with new equipment will also generate more than 6x our most profitable FY in business, allowing us to invest in our new community clinic planned for 2022-23.

Citizen/Rescues travel to Panama City or AL for affordable/available spay/neuter surgeries. 12+ hour transport drains resources and is extremely stressful for animals. Problem solved; reopen only low-cost clinic in two-counties, stop fast-growing unhealthy/unwanted pet population, reduce backlog of animals waiting for adoption (require surgery), increase annual public surgeries from 200 to 30k.

Large group/High impact: public health/safety for 300k+ citizens and 150k+ pets and feral cats in two counties. Demographics include low-income families who otherwise cannot afford medical care, and vulnerable/sick animals who are not vaccinated or altered. Success measured by reduced and healthier population, and increased adoptions data collected at our shelter IAW FL state statutes. 

Clinic has 20yr history/$200k annual profit using old equipment and semi-retired vet. New/additional equipment allows vet to perform at 6x rate + offer more clinic services Additional net gain from saving expense of using outside clinics that the grant will allow us to do on-site, plus revenue from new public services that will be used for clinic to be built on donated land in 2022.